Moan of the day – April 3rd

Yes, we get that some want memory card slot and removable battery. But, do you NEED it? Nope! Would it make One better? NO! It wouldn’t. If you can prove that: Please do.

So: why you people then want it? To be honest: I don’t even know any more. I think that a part of it is that iphone got it. So? apple aren’t stupid: there’s a reason is doesn’t got a memory card or removable battery. It’s called: stability, and you get rid of all phones turned into toast by crappy 3rd party batteries. Nexus phones doesn’t got it either. For a reason.

So: why does phones got removable batteries to begin with? Simply since batteries wasn’t that good first, they was even crap. Same reason with memory card: cheapest way to give you a place for storage. It’s 2013 now, things have moved on. I remember floppy disks and are very glad that they are a thing of the past. Sure, memory cards are handy for: what really? Actually: I use my micro-sd with an adapter in my digital camera. That’s a good place for a memory card, in a digital camera.

Sure, I get some arguments in the memory card “war”. But, if 32GB isn’t enough: perhaps you need to rethink just what you put on the phone. I can’t get ALL I want even with five x 64GB cards, so I need to think a bit with what I bring.  And: if I’m changing cards that often: something will happen, at least for me.