Do we really need removable batteries?


My position in this is perhaps not a big secret since I HATE “floppy backsides” of phones. That is btw the biggest reason for me: I want a SOLID phone. But, let’s do this properly.

Why a removable battery?
Before a removable battery was used because the batteries 15 years ago wasn’t too great all the time. Have times moved on? Yes they have.  A battery today lasts much longer. So, reason today have to be a different one.

Does phones today got good battery life?
Yes,  they do. In general. One is said to have very good battery life, with it’s internal 2300mAh battery. If your phone last for 3-4 hours: it’s RARELY the battery that’s to blame for it. A factory restore sorts it out, but that’s another post.

But, I want to change battery since I’m not around a charger.
I’ve used that method once, in 2003. There’s better options today: A battery bank.

But, a battery bank is so big and heavy!
I have an HTC BB G600 (6Ah, 6000mAh): 4.2 x 2.3 x 9.8 cm, weighing a whopping 145 grams. That’s 1.6 x 0.9 x 3.8 inches and 0.3lbs. It gives me around two charges. If you are out in the bush, and want more? Get a Solio, solar charger. That and a battery bank: you’re set for a summer.

Since I just hate plastic backs on phones that squeaks: embed the battery. Do a proper back. My One X is soon a year old and doesn’t squeak at BIT. Had a Desire X, with removable battery: I couldn’t hold that in my hand since it it squeaked just by looking at it (my brother got it now). That is why I want battery to be a part of the phone.

What if the battery in my One dies?
Since the battery most likely will outlast the phone itself: I don’t see it as a “Problem”. But: all things made can fail. Then you get it replaced. Not a big issue really.

Reasons why I don’t want a removable battery:

  • Removing the back five times a week: your phone will start to fail soon. The hooks and such that holds the back will start to fail.
  • Makes for a less solid phone.
  • It’s the old rather bad way of doing it
  • I like progress
  • I have 2 phones, means that I would have to have 2 different batteries. Now I have ONE battery bank. 

Why non-removable is better:

  • Allows for better design
  • Far more solid device
  • One thing less that can go wrong, since if the battery actually fails: not a single repair company can blame you for handling the battery wrong.
  • Batteries today are good enough
  • Battery life is good enough
  • There’s more modern solutions for it, like battery bank and solar charger and so on.


What do YOU think? Let me know!

But, do use good reasons and logic. I do NOT just buy “non-removable is bad”: that is NOT a reason, that is just a personal “idea”.