Memory card or No memory card


I’ve seen this topic far too many times now, and this is what I think about it myself.

And what I think about it: is due to me having been in the tech world like 20 years now. I don’t defend anyone, I just think that HTC got a point with NOT having a slot for memory card in their new top-end phones.

  • Internal storage is far faster, and today it’s getting cheaper as well. The memory cards often included are low classed, as in VERY slow: phones with a memory card slot: you HAVE to get a faster card. It’s the cheap solution.
  • FAR slower read/write speed in memory cards compared to internal storage, this leads to slower camera and so on.
  • Problems with storage cards getting corrupted since the card gets bad contact with the reader.
  • Problems with slow cheap memory cards
  • Memory card gets lose due to phone being dropped a bit, memory card reader in phone stops working because of that. Where internal storage just keep on working.
  • With memory card you restrict the design of the phone a A LOT, like HTC One and One X wouldn’t look like the do with memory card slot or would NOT be as solid as they are.
  • We need some Innovation, just doing it the SAME way as 10 years ago is for me rather silly. Esp since it got MANY restrictions.
  • It’s the way Google want Android to be in the first place, since with fixed internal storage: you can go beyond the very limiting fat32/exfat file format used on memory cards. Nexus 4 doesn’t got memory card slot.
  • Android 4.1 and above doesn’t like apps on memory card at all, you can’t save apps to it.

And many other reasons that I can’t remember now, but this is what I think as well. This is just my experience of it. I’ve just adapted what I put on my phone when they don’t got a memory card slot.  What if I want to put things on my phone without a computer? Then I would use an usb otg adapter and a simple usb memory stick, as I have done. Things HAVE to move on as well, we just can’t stick to the Old way of doing things just because “we always did”. I know that not all agrees with me, but this is just what I think. For me: if removing the memory card slot makes it faster or more reliable: PLEASE give me that, since that is what I want in a device.

My main points why One and such are fine as they are:

  • USB OTG, you can access the things you want. Might require that you think a bit, but I have to think what I bring with me anyway since I have a LOT of things.
  • 32GB and above should be enough for most people, you have 64GB in One X+
  • Dropbox, box and google drive. Backup photos and such to those, will save you space and keep your photos safe as well.

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