One Love – A Roxolid review

I’ve had many many phones over the years, guess you could call me a phone first was a Siemens with a single line of LCD text.that was followed by a succession of Samsung’s, LG’s.Motorola’s, an iPhone when finally I came across HTC. That started an obsession.I fell in love with HTC’s eye for detail. User interface and above all, build quality. The use of aluminium unibodies was a revelation compared to the creaky plastic phones of the past. The feel of something that will last was great. I have always tried to keep an open mind as far as other companies phones are concerned, I won’t trash their products nor will I blindly follow HTC thinking that nothing else exists. If someone makes a phone that ticks all the right boxes……………..who knows.

Last year I traded up from a sensation xe to the mighty one x, though HTC deviated from aluminium and constructed a polycarbonate unibody, it’s form and fit was unequaled in the mobile world. Most other handsets creak and crack as you grip them, not so the one x, the micro drilled speaker grills a wonder to behold. I was happy with my one x, then the rumours started. The M7….rumours became mock ups.then leaks, it sounded good, real good.

Then..I got my eager hands on a one at an event in London, that was it. I had to have one… The amazing 1080p screen defied belief. Though many other phones have the same , they all measure 5″.  HTC went with a 4.7″ screen. Bringing the pixel density to mind a boggling 469ppi. The grunt is provided by a Qualcomm quad krait clocked at 1.7ghz and a 2,300mah battery,  all wrapped in the most amazing body this side of Claudia schiffer. An aluminium shell seamlessly divided into three providing the gsm,WiFi and NFC ariels. It’s an extensive procedures making this case, taking around 200 minutes from a solid block of ally to a fantastic piece of engineering excellence.

The back is curved and fits easily in the hand. The edges of the screen curve down to meet the sides.
Switching the phone on by the power button ( which doubles as an infrared blaster for tv control) the first thing you notice is the changes to HTC’s sense UI. The bling feed page provides an at a glance info feed of all that you deem important, facebook. Twitter, news, sport etc. A screen flick to the left brings up the more recognisable homescreens that many are used to from sense 4+.

Setting up is easy with HTC transfer, copying all of your data, photos, music, videos etc from your old phone. I thought the 720p screen was great on the one x, but the one’s screen is that little bit clearer, more vivid.
The camera, while having less pixels than the one x,( 4mp compared to 8mp.) Has larger pixels, allowing more light to be processed and less noise, also the hardware has less pixels to deal with enabling pictures to be taken quicker, HTC’s zoe gives your gallery ” life”, with a 3 second video to accompany the photo. These can be stitched together into a mini movie of your night out on the town.

The earbuds included in the box are a step along from those with the one x and such, being larger in the speaker area, and a rather fetching black with red silicon rubber buds, the sound is great, plenty of bass and a well balanced treble, very very close to HTC’s own Dr dre beats earphones. I have only had a few hours with the one but I can honestly say, this is the best phone I have ever used , the detail, the quality of the materials, the experience.

Would I swap for a technically superior phone with better quality materials and a better UI. ?  Maybe.
But HTC haven’t made it yet..