HTC One – STILL the best phone around

Yup, I dare to claim it IS. Still, even after the farcical “show” that was the gs4 announcement yesterday. It’s very clear to see where samsung are spending there money now, it’s for sure NOT at R&D., since their “new” gs4 mostly reminds me of ANY iphone since 2008. The same in, with a few new “features” and “functions”. In the case of gs4: most/all we’ve seen before already, like the S-translate: used Google Translate and you know what I mean. Most “new” things there have been around as apps for years.

I just wonder: where is the Innovation? Releasing a phone that LOOKS the same, just a bit bigger, does NOT count as innovation at all in my book. This is of course what I think as well, you can of course LOVE gs4 since you love Samsung as a brand as much as I love HTC. But: seriously, try One and you know where to spend your money.

And: I do encourage people to say what they want to say, but please don’t do the regular “wake up, gs4 is better”. Tell me WHY it is, and don’t use it’s specification since that will NOT work with me. Use logical reasons, reasons with thought behind them.