First impression of HTC One

When I finally got the One in my hand I just melted, liked I melted when I got the One X in my hand the first time. It’s that good, and then some. It makes One X, that’s a brilliant phone, looks old and outdated. That says a LOT. This will come in Swedish as well, I just need to get the english version done first.

But, lets take us a back a bit now. I got invited to a press meet here in Stockholm, where Peter Frolund showed me and 3 others the magic that’s HTC One in a small conference room. Being Droider I already of course knew everything about it. Or so I believed anyways.

If feels FAR more premium than any other phone I’ve seen so far, and I think that it will take some time before we will see another phone that got such a premium feel to it. That is what One is to me: how it feels and looks and SOUNDS comes first. What it is for You, what you can do with it.

I will not mention all the specs and various bits that you already know. But, I will cover the UltraPixel camera a bit since that  have confused people a lot. I’ve heard “why is it only 4mp?”. I want to turn that question around and ask “why is that other 13mp?”, since you don’t really gain anything in that. Other than you have a 13mp camera, that you can brag about.

The image size and resolution is just perfect for all what we does with a phone now. Since the photo will get compressed less, it will look better as well. There’s a thought behind things. As always when it comes to an HTC phone. It’s not done “like we always do”, but they have really looked at how we really uses out phones.

I’ve taken photos with the One, and it gives you VERY good photos. But: it’s with Zoe (Life) where it starts to get really interesting. I haven’t really really played around with it yet so I don’t know all the features and ways. But, that will really change how we use photos. The cool thing with it, doing a Zoe share, is that the person you send it to doesn’t have to have an One to see since it’s stored on a web service. You simply get a link that you can click.

But, Zoe can do a LOT more. When you start with a Zoe moment, the camera have already started taken photos and will save the last five of those and takes another 15 and a 3 second movie. So, 20 photos and a (some) clip.

It doesn’t end there, you can delete people walking into your scene and such as well. VERY VERY cool features to have in a camera.

Does it sounds good? YES! it does, it sounds better than any phone I’ve ever used. It’s simple a phone for YOU and what YOU want to use it for. What you want to Create with it. What You want to share with it. Simply: I love it. Got addicted to it the second I saw it.

Will cover it more when I get more hands on with the One, see this as just the first bit.