That London

Good morning world! A two hour train journey from Nottinghamshire to That London… Not too early; arrived at London St Pancras at 1pm on Tuesday. The occasion was the unveiling of HTC’s new phone; I was one of the very privileged few non-journalists to have been invited to this event.

As I approached the venue (The German Gymnasium outside St Pancras International) I was greeted by other members of Elevate; all friendly and welcoming. I went to get something to eat; and came back to bedlam. Reporters, journos and cameras everywhere – and a little bunch of happy Elevators milling around too. After many delays and much waiting – with Jason Dunn and John Starkweather of HTC milling about with us every chance they got – we finally started being filtered through into the venue. We had wristbands and instructions to head for the front row of seats… and once the event started, we were to be loud and enthusiastic at the appropriate points.

Once the event started, we were much like the Journos; snapping away, tweeting, live blogging, facebooking everything! All using HTC devices, of course. Peter Chou and Stuart Croyle really showed off the new phone’s features – everyone in the crowd was “ooh-ing” and “aahh-ing” as the new “stuff” this phone does was announced. I’ll skip the phone detail; it’s available everywhere else!

Once the actual announcement was done, everyone was allowed to mill around, eat burgers, drink… and of course play with the phones. There must have been 50 or 60 phones dotted around the place, tethered and on charge. Everyone was playing with them, making notes, talking to dictaphones, calling people, taking pictures, playing music… really hammering the phones.

Once we’d had a good play ourselves, we decided to leave; HTC Elevate had arranged for some “Swag Bags” to be available for us Elevate members with some gifts for us – we gathered these to our bosoms and headed off to the restaurant. When we got there, we were seated and plied with food and drinks while Jason Dunn drew a raffle: three lucky members won great prizes that evening – one something extremely special! Meals were served and everyone had a great time – it had been an extremely special day for HTC and looking at the reactions afterwards around the internets I’d say pretty successful too!

These are just some of the things which make HTC Elevate such a great community to be part of.