About a month with a One X+

Going to do this by comparing it to my old One X, and then focus just on One X+.

They both look VERY much the same, there’s not changes on the outside of One X+ when it comes to shape and size of it compared to One X. It’s the same, what’s different is that One X+ got a red ring around the camera and red buttons on the front and a different beats logo on the back of it. And that One X+ is five grams heavier than One X, not a lot of change on the outside. Edit: And One X+ is using a different coating on the polycarbonate than what One X does, making it feel slightly softer in your hand.

On the inside your getting a 1.7GHz quad core Nvidia tegra 3 (AP37) compared to a 1.5GHz quad core Nvidia tegra 3 (T30/T37) in the One X. If you notice it? I would say that you do, One X+ just feels ultra-smooth. Benchmark wise you don’t get a lot of different, around 14,200 for One X and around 15,800 for One X+ (or so). Benchmark numbers can be very unreliable as well, I try to stay away from such things myself as it doesn’t really show reality.

When it comes to software they’re both running android 4.1.1 with sense 4+, there’s still a few differences:

  • Storage on One X+ is displayed in one bit, it’s not split into two like on it’s on One X
  • Power got and extra function called Application monitor on One X+
  • Language & keyboard got stock android keyboard on One X+, the same keyboard that comes with nexus and so on. It’s UGLY I can tell you.

It’s not a massive change on One X+, but it just feels a quicker in some way. I loved my One X and I love my One X+ a LITTLE more since it IS a little more. It’s just BETTER, having twice the storage on it doesn’t hurt. Having a bigger battery doesn’t hurt. Still, if you play games hard that extra battery will drain as well. It’s after all a 1.7GHz quad core monster, if you let it to be.

It’s just a fixed and better version of One X, not that One X was bad in any way. But, One X+ is JUST better. A friend with one said “X+ is just fookin fantastic” and I have to agree with him on that. I just realized that my One X+ just WORKS, nothing seems to be “wrong” with it. It’s just that: Fantastic.

Camera on One X+ is a little better then it was on One X as well. Not a massive change, it’s just better. A little quicker. Like One X+ is, simply better. Or “fookin fantastic” as Tom says.


It’s a VERY good and quick phone, battery wise it’s better than One X as well. Droider score is 5/5 Droiders. Or “fookin fantastic” as the Tom score is.