A month with 8X

IMAG0800Ok, it’s like a month in 2 days or something but close enough. It’s been a good month with with it, I wasn’t really sure what to expect first since it was my really first try with windows phone. We’ll do this in bits, and start with the good things first.

The Good things

First thing you have to mention when you mention 8X is: the front camera, that’s just above and beyond ANY front camera I’ve been using (One x+ comes close). And it have changed how I see and use the front camera as well, since now it’s all of a sudden usable. To the extent that me and others started a year-long project called 8X365.

But, 8X isn’t just front camera. It’s more than just that. It’s quick. Seriously quick on a scale that puts it in “best phone around” land. Never ONCE had anything that resembles “lag” or “stutter” on it, that you with android phones are pretty used to. It does what you want to do when YOU want to do it. End of story. Like a phone should, this is of the course the positive part. We’ll get to the negative things later on.

It still feels FANTASTIC in the hand, and the camera button is just fantastic to have. Just up with phone, long-press camera button and OFF you go. Makes for fantastic little movies of yourself with the front camera as well I can tell you, cool effect.

It’s very easy to get to your things on skydrive and so on, your word documents and excel-files as well. It’s PERFECT for work, especially since you can save to skydrive directly in word 2010 and above and then simply open it on the 8X. I like using OneNote on it, since my computer got windows 8 and it’s OneNote desktop app just makes notes of any kind easy.

It’s very good for “casual surfing”, since it’s very quick handling pages. But, most phones are that today.

When it comes to music I can tell you that it’s LOUD, it’s got much louder output than one x or one x+ got. If you’re seriously into music then this is the phone for you, once you get your music onto the phone. But, that is a different story.

 The Bad things

Don’t try to use it for serious facebooking. Please just don’t. Sure, for just a bit it’s ok. Then you try to add a video or something. And end up in curses. The facebook app on it isn’t anything but a joke if you compare to the android version. And it lacks Facebook Messenger. Sure, it got it’s own messsage thing. That rarely works the way it’s supposed to do.

I’ve compared to my one x+ with facebook messenger and then 8x with it’s own message thing where facebook chat is connected to it. The one x+ receives the facebook messages when they’re sent, in a “timely fashion”, while the 8X gets nothing. And nothing. Until you get them ALL in a nice pile. It sounds like the phone goes into a fit when they all come at once.

The serious lack of apps. Sure, you get most of the big ones but it still lacks the major ones for me such as Dropbox and Spotify. Especially the lack of Spotify disturbs me, but apparently there’s a version coming for wp8.

That is was bothers me most with 8X, the lack of apps at times. Often you find something close to what you need, but at times there’s just nothing that covers what you need or the app supposed to “cover” it is very very very bad.

The flush buttons LOOKS very nice, but sometimes I have an hard time finding them. Perhaps not a negative thing, since buttons tend to be a very personal thing. But, it does make the phone look very sleek.

The Conclusion

Overall it’s a VERY nice phone, seriously fast. The camera is very good and the sound is just amazing. If you want a phone just for regular things like taking photos and listening to music and some internet then this phone is for you. If you want to personalize your phone a LOT, then I would recommend something else (like One X+). Droider score is 4/5.