To transfer files to phone from computer with MTP

What is MTP then? it’s simply what’s been used in One S, One X and One X+ that’s running 4.1.1 (jelly bean). Stands for Media Transfer Protocol and is developed by Microsoft, and as you would guess it works very well on more recent versions of Windows. But, you need an additional download on Windows XP to get it to work. Forget it on xp. And on mac? Sure, you can get it to work if you download the file needed for it.

Edit: MTP is also used in the new HTC One.

How to do it? You just connect it to computer with usb cable, you don’t have to set anything since it’s the only connection mode. And it can’t be turned off by any setting in the phone, turned on USB debuggning does nothing here. You do get a little popup in the right upper corner in windows 8, but not all the time.

You might have to install htc sync manager for the mtp driver, but not sure about this. Need to test it on a clean computer where I’ve never played around before.

I don’t know how it looks on mac and windows xp, but on Windows 8 (and 8.1) it just shows up as “HTC One X” under Portable Devices under Computer. And from there you simple open it until you see the files and folders on it and simple copy what you to it/from it.

So, where is photos and videos saved?

All such things can be found under the DCIM folder