NFC between different HTC phones

Will limit myself a bit and only cover One X, One X+ and 8X now. Two androids and one wp8. And yes, you can do nfc/beam between such different phones like One X+ and 8X.

How you do it

On android: bring phones together and you will hear a sound from both phones, tap the screen on the phone you want to beam FROM. And on the receiving end you get asked how you want to save the contact you got, and so on.

On wp 8: Bring up the contact/page/so on you want to share.Select share contact/page, select Tap + Send. Then you’ll get a screen telling you touch phones together, and the contact/page gets beamed over to the other device

What works

One X (4.1.1) <> One X+ (4.1.1)

  • Photo
  • Contact
  • Web site in browser
  • App in Play store
  • Calendar event, takes a while
  • Most things you can share works over nfc.

One X <> 8X

  • Contacts
  • Web site in browser
  • Perhaps more as well, but I haven’t found more.