A day with Windows Phone 8X by HTC

I can begin to say: I’ve never properly used a windows phone before, less do I have any previous knowledge of it. That’s how I started, and I have to admit that found the manual for it rather quickly since I had very little clues of what I was doing I can tell you. But I installed the update for the phone before I wrote this as well.

But, after I got started with it and had added my google contacts and such: It’s FAST! It’s very smooth since there is not a lot of fancy graphics to power, being a dual core 1.5GHz with 1GB is VERY enough for this device I can tell you. It looks crisp and clean, and quick!

BUT! You can tell that windows phone still is new since I just think that it lacks things, as being used to android 4.1.1 now with sense 4+ this was BIT step back in time. There’s now facebook messenger and using the built in facebook chat just worked badly since it received like one in five of the messages sent to me (I compared to my one x with facebook messenger next to the 8x). This is just BAD if you’re using facebook messenger as much as I do.

Next bad thing was: there’s no Spotify for windows phone which is a MAJOR drawback since the sound of 8X is just VERY good, it’s far louder than what one x can produce. Sure, you can buy music and such from microsoft but I already PAY for my music. It’s minor nag since I am pretty sure that Spotify sooner will come for wp8, I just wish that it would come soon. And we can’t forget that there’s no official Dropbox as well, but there you have 3rd party solutions.

But, I think that the music player is seriously lacking in wp8 as it is. But, I am pretty sure that it will get better or that there’s better music players around. I’m still just far to new to it all to even know.

It feels very very good in the hand, the materials touch is softer than on one x, almost a bit too soft I can think at times but at least the phone doesn’t fall off when I put it on my belly. It’s very very well balanced, you have no problems picking it up by a corner and holding it that way.

The front camera on it is just OUT of this world! It’s far beyond any front camera I’ve ever used before, and the back camera? It’s VERY VERY good as well. The bad thing that it lacks HDR.Features

It is as good as One X or One X+? I don’t think it is right now if you compare the entire experience, but this might change over time as well. But, if you compare point for point 8X WILL win on certain things against any of the top one series phones. But, even the update today just made it better and I think that the 8X got every chance to be a VERY good phone: if updates keeps coming for it and that windows app store gets better, that’s the biggest drawback today that you just don’t got the apps you’re used to having.

If you’re using it for work it’s just a SURE winner, as it on those parts beats any other android in the htc lineup right now, as you got office and such things in it.

Overall: If like windows phone, then this is a SURE bet.