Windows Phone 8 and Macs.

I’m forever going to be a Mac, never a PC. But today I discovered that being a Mac gives you unneeded issues when it comes to connecting a Windows Phone to the iOS software. I spent literally hours today trying to figure out how to sync my new 8X to my Mac, just so I could put some new music on my phone. It was a long haul, but I finally got there! So, instead of just “buying a real computer”, (thanks Craig! ;)), I figured I should share my new found knowledge with you guys so it helps anyone else out with a Mac that may encounter the same issues I had!

HTC Sync Manager is meant to work with the 8X, but for some reason, on Macs, it doesn’t. Not that it matters, as HTC Sync Manager doesn’t work for Androids on Macs either! I done a little investigating via good ol’ Google, and discovered there’s software for connecting WP to Mac, Windows Phone 7 Connector. I downloaded this via Google to only be met with MORE problems. It needs to be the updated Windows Phone 3.0 app from your App Store on your Mac. Downloading the software from Google does NOT give you the update needed to link WP8 to iOS for some reason. After downloading the free app from the App Store, my Mac picked up the connection to the 8X immediately with no issues. Or so I thought…

WP 3.0 has a relatively similar layout to iTunes, this displeased me greatly due to the fact iTunes SUCKS!

As you can see, it has the same menu at the side as iTunes, with options for music, photos/videos, a tab for selecting your music as ringtones also, and the ability to browse your handset also. This is where the problems started for me again! I clicked over on to Music and started selecting all the music I wanted from my library and added them to the list to be synced to my handset. Clicked Sync and walked away for a few mins to allow it time to transfer over 2000 songs. The Mac made a little beep to tell me it was done, but it wasn’t, it just had a bunch of errors starting “‘Song title’ couldn’t be added.”, for literally every single song I tried to add. Puzzled, I tried adding them all individually, to the same outcome, ” ‘Song title’ could not be added.”. So, after another hour of trying to figure out what was going on, I stumbled upon the answer by accident.

What you need to do is:

  1. Open and connect your phone to Windows Phone 3.0.
  2. Go to “File” on the menu bar at the top of your screen.
  3. Click on “Allow access to”.
  4. When the menu pops up, click on the top folder that ALL of your music is stored in.

Windows Phone 3.0 will remember this every time you try to sync music from your Mac to your Windows Phone from now on. For whatever reason, Windows Phone 3.0 doesn’t like to search your Mac for all the files it needs?!

It sounds really simple, but this literally took me AGES to work out, and hopefully it may save some of you some time and hassle!