Goth Barbie’s first attempt at Windows Phone 8/HTC 8X.

So yesterday I received my new HTC 8X after UPS kindly trekked it around the UK. First impressions? The phone itself is beautiful. A lovely thin, sleek design with a stunning display and a pretty funky little layout. The battery has lasted me pretty good also. I was impressed. It took me a little while to figure the whole Windows Phone OS out. Big learning curve for someone so used to Android/Sense.

After messing around with the phone for a few hours, and managing to set up my email accounts, etc, I finally got round to looking at Windows Marketplace. That’s where I was a little disappointed. There’s not as many apps to choose from on WMP, it’s a shame really. It lets this amazing handset down. There’s a few little things that don’t work properly for me, for example, I cannot for the life of me pick up the router in the house with this phone. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s a bit of a pain in the arse.

Then there’s the cameras on the 8X. Just, wow. The front facing camera is completely fantastic. I was really amazed at how good it is for being 2mp. The main camera’s just as amazing. It sometimes has a hard time focusing, and doesn’t have all the features the One X camera has, but it’s still fantastic. I can’t wait to start taking part in the HTC Full Frontal challenges  with this handset.

It’s definitely a great phone to have, and WELL worth the money. I’ve always been devout to Android and Sense, but the 8X has definitely left a lasting impression on me! After messing around with this phone more, I’ll let you know if it’s still a love/love relationship with WP8!

Until then, here’s the very first photo I took with the front facing camera on the 8X. It’s a couple of creeps, my parter and myself.