Several months on: One X

I can start with saying: It’s the best phone I’ve ever used or seen. There, that’s about what you need to know. To begin with.

The build quality on mine is just fantastic, but I know that some from the first batch had issues. But, my One X looks like the first day I got it despite I don’t use a screen protector on it. I use it in a pouch instead since I want all that glorious screen as it is. And what a SCREEN it is, I’m still amazed about it.

First versions of the software on it wasn’t perfect, but it’s getting better and better now with each update on. Just very curious what Jelly Bean will be on it, if it’s the same sort of jump that 4.0.4/sense 4.1 was.

I haven’t had any serious problems at ALL with my phone, but my phones tend to just behave since I rarely play around with apps on them. At least not on my X.

AND! It’s One X, it’s NOT HOX or HTCONEX. Just end of story!