What’s new in the 4.0.4/sense 4.1 update for One X

This comes from the HTC UK site, and the rollout date is just the START date and it takes up to 45 days to reach most (unbranded) devices.

HTC Sense Version: 4.1
Android Version: 4.0.4
Software number: 2.17.401.2
Rollout date: 08.10.2012

This update can be installed to your phone over the air which includes several enhancements and bug fixes such as the following:

  • Android platform upgrade to version 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • System performance and stability enhancements
    • Improvements in memory and stability to enhance overall browsing experience
  • Internet browsing experience enhancements
    • Improved internet browsing experience with faster page loads and a smoother scrolling experience
    • Facebook Single Sign-on, enabling customers simplified access across applications and browsers
  • HTC Car user experience enhancements
    • Enhanced HTC Car UI and new music management features
  • User interface enhancements
    • Menu updates for older applications to match Ice Cream Sandwich menu style
    • Improved experience and increased space for handwriting input
    • Improved usability of phone through keypad and sizing enhancements
    • Improved wallpaper visualization when moving between screens
  • Music improvements
    • Improved user experience with Beats audio, including auto detect headset profile, and easy on/off switching.
  • New SDK support for developers
    • Expanded SDK support for developers including, a Media Link SDK and framework for video call apps