Things to think about when you get a new phone

This is just a few things to think about, and is not to be seen as what you must follow.

    • What are you using it for?
    • How much money?
    • Compare different brands just to see what you’re getting for the money.
    • Assume that all numbers for storage is TOTAL storage and not the actual amount of User Space
    • Avoid getting a phone from a another (far away) country since the warranty might not be valid where you live. ALWAYS check that, and do NOT trust the seller is they mention “global warranty” since that is not really true (all the time).  If you get a phone from the UK to use in Africa or such, that phones warranty is more or less only valid in the UK and countries near UK. Just be very aware of this. Sometimes  if you need repair you need to visit the place where you got the phone, and that is a bit hard it’s 8 000 km away.
    • Always learn your local consumer laws, like in the UK there’s ‘Sale of goods act’. Since in Europe it’s the seller you are to go to first, and if the phone is clearly not “fit for purpose” you can push on them to replace it (at least in the UK).
    • Read online reviews for it, but with your “pinch of salt” goggles on since certain sites pushes down on some brands and up on some brand. Just be a bit careful to trust gsmarena or phonearena when it comes to htc since they pushes up on samsung and down on htc.
    • Don’t expect to get updates forever, get it for what it is NOW and not what it perhaps could be.
    • If you can get extra insurance for a whole lot more, get it since it might be worth it if you crack the display which isn’t a part of warranty repair.
    • Assume that the display WILL scratch, regardless what coating it got. Get a pack of screen protectors, I get the cheaper kind since I can afford like 15 cheaper ones for the cost of 1-2 expensive ones.
    • When you get the phone, for the first charge you let it charge 6-12 hrs. That will ensure that it gets a good start in life. AND!: it takes a few weeks for the battery to reach its optimal performance, so don’t get disappointed if you got bad battery life at first. And: you kinda play with it more first as well.
    • Ebay and Amazon are perfect places to get good and cheap accessories for it.
    • Look around sites for tips on your phone, and ask others since that is always a good way to get to know more.
    • And! Have fun with it!