First impression of Desire C

I will start by saying: it’s a small phone, don’t expect much from it. And, if you start there: it’s a great little thing. Sure, it’s not on the “fast” side of things. But, as a backup phone or work phone I would say it suits just perfectly since it doesn’t cost too much.

The body is pretty nice on it, it’s not as solid as the uni-body One series of phones since it got a battery cover and that at once gives it a bit of flex. Pretty chunky as well, not as slim as the One series but still sits pretty nice in the hand.

Performance-wise it’s NOT a beast, and now I’m kind as well. It does lag it at times, but it’s still rather quick to only have a 600MHz inside it. The Sense 4 in it is pretty much cut back from what you got in the One X and One S, it feels like a reduced version of Sense 4 that’s on the One V that’s already cut back a bit from One X/S. But, it still got Sense 4 and NFC and bluetooth 4 and Beats. In a pretty cheap 600MHz phone. Pretty amazing really.

And, yeah: It does look like a Mini One X in a way. It least it does in my eyes. The only thing I don’t really like with is that it lacks a led to see if it’s charged or not, that you see on the display instead. And that I think that the screen is sunk down a bit too much from the touch panel. But, it’s still a rather cheap phone with a LOT of neat stuff in it.