Time to think

I know that it sucks that htc broke their promise about ICS on Desire HD. But, now the only thing I see on the pages is just how bad HTC is. SURE: they was VERY VERY VERY bad in handling information in this. But, take a look at Desire HD. Have it been deprived of updates? no, it have have actually gotten it’s far share of updates in the 20 or so months it’s been around.

What I want to say: It’s hurts now, but it’s still not the end of the world. I know how much it SUCKS, that htc handled this VERY VERY poorly. But: it’s STILL not a reason to behave like little kids. To EVEN say to ME “shame on you”, IF I worked at htc I would of course be one to blame. I want to BEG people to take a moment to reflect a bit, to just not throw dirt around because you feel “hurt” or “betrayed”. Sure, I get why you feel that. But, in the end: it’s a cell phone that have had a pretty good life anyways.

Just think about “is it worth to post this now when I am so upset/mad/angry?”, if you can’t even tell what page you are ON you should seriously NOT post it at all.

I don’t plan on answering on any post about the DHD and ics today because I will get called all sorts of things, even if I just try to defuse things. Relax…