People need to check their sources

The last week or so there have been a LOT of stories about things that are just not real.

Like about the “One XXL”, that most android sites are writing about. Ok? what’s the problems about that? You say. The problem is that it’s not real. That phone is JUST a fan concept made by a german guy, that’s the reason why. He didn’t not intend for that to be a “fake”, but now sadly a LOT of sites picked up on it and didn’t understand or even WANT to understand that it’s just a dream. Just a phone that a guy made up

Next thing is the little “joke” that htc made on the global facebook page the other day, after the dog/human translator. Most of us had a laugh about it and thought that it was end of story. NO sir! Engadget picked up on it as: htc are doing their own siri. And many other sites. Sure, htc may be working on such a thing. But, that is not the confirmation on that. Bad background check from the sites picking it up. Like: engadget 

So, just because it’s on XDA doesn’t make it true either. In my eyes that sometimes makes it LESS likely since you got a nice mix of lies, believes, hearsay and all the normal things when it comes to guys being guys…