How you don’t get help online

This is collection of things I’ve seen during around a year or so. And is mostly around facebook.

  • You do a long long rant about your phone, but you don’t mention what phone you have or where you are. Always always say what phones it’s about, and it doesn’t hurt if you say where and/or things that’s important for your question.
  • YOU WRITE IN JUST CAPS, MAKING THE LONG LONG RANT HARD TO READ. And if you repeat it over and over it WILL get caught by the facebook anti-spam system.
  • You ask “how much is it”. Referring to a phone that we can’t know the name of, since telepathy isn’t invented yet. And: asking htc about the price of a phone is not the way do it since htc doesn’t sell phones directly to people so they don’t have the price that your local retailer sells it for. So: ask your local retailer or look on the sites selling phones.
  • Instead of answering a question you ask a new unrelated question in a thread. This is just bad, and could be very confusing. If you have a serious question: do a new post.
  • You repeat your long rant over and over. That will NOT help you at all, and will just get your message hidden by the anti-spam system since your rant at that time looks like spam to facebook.
  • You start your post with saying how bad htc is or how much you hate HTC. This is a post you shouldn’t have written in the first place, since it will not help at all. And will most likely cause irritation from others. Remember that facebook is a community with other people in it.
  • You don’t acknowledge any answer BUT from HTC. This just like the point above, facebook is a community with other PEOPLE on it. If you JUST want htc to reply, contact their support. This tells other that you don’t know what facebook is..
  • You make fun of people in threads. Often by referring to “freedom” and other things that confused people think is part of facebook, but facebook got rules like ALL places where people gather and does NOT fall under “freedom” like some seem to think. This might lead to you ending up in court, and should be seen as something to avoid.
  • You keep on asking the same question over and over, even though it’s been answered. If you are not satisfied with the answer, you might have to ask your question in a different way or with a different tone.
  • You write your question in a different language then what the page is on, often english.
  • You assume a lot of things that might even be true. And get upset when people question you. Facebook is a community with other people on it, if you write something on a facebook page expect other people to answer it.
  • You get upset when your first post on a htc facebook page is not replied to¬†immediately from htc, and think that the pages are support. Fact: any htc facebook page should NOT seen as support but perhaps more like fan pages and to a certain extent to answer questions can be answered by people on the pages. Like, how you do a screen capture and such things. Questions that are about service on your phone, or other such questions SHOULD be directed to the support in the first hand.

Ok, so once you’ve gotten this far. We might do a list of how you should act.

  • Be nice to people!
  • Be to to the point, and bring the facts needed. If it’s a VERY technical question, you should contact support first.
  • Don’t repeat your question over and over.
  • Be glad for any help you get, say THANK YOU!
  • If you feel like you can help, feel free to help. But, help and not smoother people.
  • Do NOT friend request the people who help you. It’s intrusive and inappropriate. At least ASK before you friend request. Personally I am very restrictive.
  • Do NOT send your questions to helpful volunteers in private message. It’s intrusive and inappropriate. At least ASK if it’s ok, some people might be ok with this. As for the Droider: on the Droider page I am very ok with it. Not as crazy about it on my personal profile.