An Open Note to the XDA Developer Community

Guys – if you’re a member of the XDA Developer Forums, then I invite you to pass these words on to that site. As a forum you’re huge and some of the work done by your members is outstanding in pushing forward the smartphone/tablet world and showing the world what is possible. You do a lot of hard work for free which is appreciated by a lot of people.

However, sometimes you have to take a step back and look at your words and actions. Your members are often seen baying for blood on the internet sites, facebook pages and twitter feeds of the manufacturers demanding all sorts of things including special Developer phones with signature checking switched off, fully unlocked bootloaders and root access. They and the actual site itself demand (or at least plead) for credibility and a certain friendly nod from the manufacturers of the devices you work on.

In your actions however you prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that you are not worthy of such a nod. When someone leaks (counter to their NDA) a ROM from a manufacturer which isn’t (and may never be) released, you allow it, nay ENCOURAGE it. it’s not even kept to a small community of trusted developers who can learn from it – it’s posted out there publicly for all to see. This is proprietary commercial information and it BELONGS to someone; what you’re doing is basically stealing it and giving it away. You’re the guy with the palletload of car stereos in the van at the back of the pub.

What you should be doing is suppressing HARD any mention of leaked builds; even turning down offers from your “moles” – this would get reported on, fed up the chain. Once you adopted this RESPONSIBLE attitude to other people’s intellectual and commercial property, then you would be in a far better position to demand credibility and recognition… and the developer privileges you crave.

Why in the name of all that is holy should HTC trust you and work with you on developing cool new stuff for their phones when you are so cavalier and downright disrespectful of their stuff? Why should they unlock your bootloaders and S-OFF your phones when you treat them and their teams with such utter contempt?