48 reasons to get One X

Perhaps a few silly ones as well, have to be a little fun as well. And it’s more than 48 points as well..

Ok, lets get started!

  1. Quad core warp speed, Tegra 3
  2. Good looks
  3. Sense 4 quickness and features
  4. The very latest android and a sense to match
  5. The companion energy saving core, aka Ninja Core
  6. You can play HD games on it
  7. Beats audio
  8. Beats engaged even on non-beats headphones
  9. Music, that collects all your sources of music into one single place
  10. ImageSense
  11. You can record video and take a still at the same time
  12. Insanely good camera
  13. Slow-motion video recording
  14. NFC
  15. Polycarbonate body
  16. Very lovely SLCD2 ips display
  17. NON pentile display
  18. 1280 x 720 resolution
  19. High PPI
  20. Gorilla Glass 2
  21. Can take a beating
  22. HTC Car
  23. It’s made by HTC
  24. 25GB Dropbox for 2 years
  25. Offline navigation
  26. It stays in your hand while free-falling from a plane
  27. Be as Cool as a certain Scottish Lass!
  28. The best phone ever made
  29. Great design on everything
  30. Droider got One
  31. It’s LIGHT
  32. It makes the iPhone look like a little baby’s toy
  33. Can be used as an hammer, the front of the device
  34. Droider recommends it
  35. Comes in two lovely colors
  36. Stormtrooper approved
  37. Trace keyboard, lets you just slide on letters to type
  38. You can use a Bluetooth headset as a remote to take photos
  39. Great battery life to be a 4.7″ quad core monster
  40. It prints money
  41. Makes even the most hardcore iphone fan to go “wow! What a phone!”
  42. You can view your photos in dropbox and other cloud storage from the Gallery app directly
  43. Did I say it’s Awesome?
  44. Quietly Brilliant
  45. It’s made for humans, animals, aliens and every other single life form
  46. Easy setup with Media Link HD
  47. It got Wi-Fi direct
  48. Lots of great community support websites for HTC devices
  49. Because the Droider said SO!
  50. It’s soon to get PlayStation certification
  51. Because there are 50 reasons why you should own one