Sunday Rant

Just a few little things that gets my blood boiling at times, in no particular order at all. Just a  random rants over things that gets to me at times.

“Company Y is better” or “Company Y give me more”
This is often said by people that claims that they are fans of company X (read: HTC), often it’s not correct. Or when it is correct, it turns out that company X gives you more. This is seen OFTEN at my page when some random people shows up saying that “samsung gs3 is faster” or better or something. WHILE they claim that they are HTC fans. Why even bother about samsung then? I do NOT get this. And it’s LONG LONG rants about various technical things where samsung is said to be better. In in ways that gets even the most stubborn people (like me) to just go “woa, stop it. I can’t take this”. To be met by a rant on why it’s correct or something.

Esp when this is said at official pages for HTC and people get “upset” to get a reaction from it. Like, d’uh! What did they expect really.

Here comes some smaller even more random ones

  • People that are very upset at htc for a phone that they’ve got on a contract with a carrier. CALL your carrier!
  • People that are having a certain issue with their phone, and they sit and look at various forums for HOURS just to get confirmed that it’s a bad thing. Perhaps trying to spend some time to get it fixed instead?
  • People that read articles at certain sites (phonearena, gsmarena and such) and take those things as the absolute truth. Esp those two sites are not good when you want to read correct things about HTC (anti) or samsung (hot air). Since you can always find a page that tells you just what you want to hear. You need to go further… don’t believe the first hype you see…

I guess that my rants will stop now before I find way too much to write about..

Disclaimer: this is not meant to single out a person, but is compiled from MANY individuals.