If you’ve just spent the best part of £500 on your HTC ONE X , you’ll want to give it the best protection.

Yes, there are hundreds of cases on sale ranging from a few £’s from internet auction sites to those costing £20 or £30 from either HTC themselves or the other well known suppliers.

Some of these are extremely poor quality and don’t add any protection and those which make your phone almost indestructible but add 4 or 5mm all over to the size.

Cases rang in material from silicon to polycarbonate with TPU and ABS making a show, Some of the better ones combine two or more materials together to increase durability, but increased girth is often a price to pay for this.

Say hello to Aprolink, a little known manufacturer of exclusive phone cases. In fact they only make cases for HTC and iphone, and then only for three HTC models (the sensation , sensation xl and the one x). It’s the case for the ONE X that I am reviewing here. When it first arrives, you might be forgiven to think that they have overdone the packaging, but there is a reason for that which will become apparent later.

Upon opening the box the first thing you will notice is how thin the case is, it adds only 2mm at the most. And light weighing in at only a few grams. An inner layer of thermo plastic polyurethane TPU protects the phone from scratches while an outer layer of polycarbonate (same material as the phone itself) takes care of the knocks, the TPU inner layer continues to the outer edges holding the phone gently but firmly in place.

There are the usual cut outs for the speaker and camera lense, plus the microphones. The fit and finish of all the cut outs is so close that dirt and dust have no place to get in, the volume control and power/sleep buttons are covered by neatly moulded ridges that make using the buttons easy .

On the back of the case is a strange moulded strip, this provides a place to fit a credit card or other similarly sized cards into, do this and the phone will sit at a nice angle to view your videos.

Overall, the case does not detract from the look of the phone. In fact, because the case has the same lines and shape as the ONE X, it accentuates the good looks of the phone. Its almost as if the case IS part of the phone, being part of the design and not something that was added later.

Now the box (once you have removed the packaging inside), remove the label on the front, turn a piece of card inside around and place a photo of your loved one inside (or a photo of the wife if you don’t want to upset her) refit the top and you have a stand up picture frame!

At £23 plus postage, the APROLINK may seem expensive, but what price do you put on quality, exclusivity and protection?

They are available in different colours including glow in the dark, now there’s different.