One X Developer Options

Many have seen it, and many have played around. And sometimes getting strange results by it. But, I will go through every setting in it.

USB debuggning
Useful when connection your phone to computer and want to use android sdk tools, and all  kinds of things.
This I recommend ON.

Stay Awake
Just what it sounds like, with this on the screen is on when phone is being charged.
I recommend this OFF.

Allow mock locations
This is only used when you’re making an app yourself and you want to use other locations than your own. I recommend this OFF.

Strict mode enabled
This give a thick red box that flashes on the screen at times. This is used by devs to see when an app is does operations in main tread.
I recommend this OFF.

Pointer location
Simply shows where you touch the display, with coordinates and everything.
I recommend this OFF.

Show touches
Just shows on screen just where you’re touching it by showing a small circle
I recommend this OFF.

Show screen updates
This simply flashes the entire screen when it updates. VERY annoying and should be used just for dev purposes.
I recommend this OFF 

Show CPU usage
Gives you current cpu status as an overlay from the top right corner and down the screen. This is JUST being used for dev purposes.
I recommend this OFF

Force GPU rendering
Forces apps to use the GPU to render (show) things, this doesn’t work for all apps. And sometimes it causes problems.Some claim that it helps their device to work better, and some that it makes it slower.
I recommend this OFF, sometimes ON. 

Just enables or disable the animation between screens or when things open. This OFF makes the phone slightly faster. Perhaps more that it feels faster.
I recommend this OFF

Window animation scale and Transition animation scale just tells how the animation will be played.

Don’t keep activities
Closes everything the second you closes an app and such. This makes sense and such to constantly reload. DO NOT USE!
I recommend this OFF

Background process limit
Sets how many background process and such.
I recommend this Standard Limit

Show all ANRs
Show background apps that does not respond.
I recommend this ON