Transfer images/videos from your android phone

This is rather simple once you’ve done it a few times, and in this example I will use my One S. But, it works in a similar way for most htc android phones (even other android phones as well). And since I use a Swedish Windows it might not be readable. But, I think that you will get it the idea of it.

  1. Connect your phone to computer with usb cable, select Disk drive and tap Done.
  2. On your computer there will be an auto play window showing something similar as pic 2. Where you select “Browse content” or similar wording.
  3. Once on the sd/memory of your phone it’s just to find where the photos/videos are located. ALL photos and windows can be found under the folder DCIM. In this case 100MEDIA contains all photos and videos. And the folder 100BURST contains all photos captured with the action burst mode.
  4. Copy or move the photos/videos you want to your computer. DONE!