A few hours on – HTC One X

First I can start with: It’s STILL a bloody good phone. The one I’ve got does NOT show any banding or such strange behavior when you play videos in landscape mode. If your One X does that, return it to the place of purchase about NOW.

How does it feel? It still feels VERY good in my hand, it’s big and light but does not feel cheap or plastic in any way. The screen is just absolutely fantastic on it, sharp and still vivid colors. Just a pure pleasure to use it. It sounds pretty good as well, I haven’t used it with headphones yet but that I’m sure will be VERY nice as well.

This you didn’t know about it:

  • It does got an FM-radio in it, at least mine does. Even though the spec says nothing about it.
  • You can print a contact sheet from a contact in the People app
  • It fully supports Android Beam (of course), but nothing have been said about it.
  • You got 2GB for apps, but apps that support it can be moved to the other storage where you got 25GB.
  • You can turn on a function that automatically uploads the photos you take straight to Dropbox. Called Camera Upload.
  • You can also add your SkyDrive account onto your accounts.
  • You can set text size for the entire system and just not in the message app, from Small to Extra Large.
  • Correct size for wallpaper you make yourself is 1440 x 1280 pixels. This due to the fact that the wallpaper is dynamic. It’s width x 2 = 1440 times Height = 1280.

And I am sure that I still haven’t found all things in it, but this is just a little sneak peak into the fantastic world of One X.