HTC Flyer: launcher test

Just been playing around with my new launcher a bit just to get used it, and I like it just MORE and MORE. It’s just sooo much HTC, from the weight of it to the Locations app and just all those things you’re used to.

BT! There’s one thing that I’m not too crazy about and that is the launcher, perhaps much to even call it that. It’s just perhaps a bit too plain in a way. Sure, it works and does what it’s supposed to do very well. I just wanted a bit more in a way, a bit more what I was used. like a bar on the bottom part of the screen with some icons in it or something.

And here Go Launcher HD for pad comes into the picture, just a VERY simple launcher but I think that it just added that little extra. The GO Launcher style of things, since you can’t deny that it looks VERY GO Launcher but in a very restrained way. ME Like!