Droider reader post: Updates

We’ll start the series with Droider reader content with a contribution from Athishay Kiran.

A N00b’s guide To Updating Your Phone

There are basically three ways using which you can give your (not-so)awesome phone internals the latest and sweetest dessert available..

  1. FOTA’s
  2. RUU’s
  3. PC Suites 

FOTA or Firmware Over The Air is the most common and easiest way to update your phone. Basically, the new software is automagically pushed to your phone over the internet, which you can then download and install on your phone at your leisure. Most of the time, you’ll get a notification on your phone (if it’s connected to the internet, obviously) that there’s an update available, and you’ll be prompted to connect to WiFi before you download. A WiFi connection is not always necessary, but advised. Updating through FOTA involves tapping on the touchscreen twice, Done,

RUU stands for Rom Update Utility. It is essentially a .exe file that you download and execute from your PC while your phone is connected to it, to update it.

RUU’s are necessary only when:

  1. The manufacturer was too lazy to push the update to your phone.
  2. You were too lazy to update it when it was “live” or “in the air.”

 PC Suites. These include the likes of Samsung Kies, Basically, your phone in to the PC and the software tells you if an update is available. These are like the iTunes of Android, without the closed ecosystem disadvantages,

Most importantly, remember that updates are never available as soon as the newest version of Android is released. It takes time for the manufacturer to build the OS and test it, so that you can live a bug free life. Don’t moan if some phone gets the update before yours, be happy it’s even getting an update. If you happen to be on a carrier locked phone, then it’ll take even longer, as several MB worth of bloatware need to be added and tested, along with the update.