Droider looks for volunteers

Looking for people that perhaps want write on the Droider Networks, or perhaps just come with ideas. This isn’t something that I make any money on at ALL since I’ve made the choice to NOT have any ads on the pages (at least for now), this makes that I can’t pay people a cent. All that you can get is an audience that reads what you’re writing.

So, my demands:

  • Should write english better then me or just as good as me, that can’t be too hard.
  • Have a VERY good knowledge about either htc and/or android.
  • Be a bit crazy and have some humor

The last point is actually pretty important since you’ll need it around the Droider pages. If you’re interested send a mail to tobbe@droider.se and tell me a little about yourself and WHY you want to be a part of the Droider thing.