Test: Philips AS851 Android Sound dock

When I first unpack I get this “wow, this is a TRUE android dock” since there’s an actual andy (the green fat robot) on it. This is always very nice, instead of some fruit on it. Fruit is for eating as we all know.

It even got bluetooth! You can if want to play music to it without actually having a hardware connection to the the dock itself. Just turn on bluetooth and stream to the speaker, that with it’s 2 x 15 watts can actually make the droider JUMP when the volume is set to HIGH and Droider press play. 2 x 15 doesn’t seem much, but it’s loud enough. It’s perfect in the kitchen or where ever you want to use it. On the ski-trip to the alps or where ever you want to take it.

Is it hard to set up? Not really, there’s a start guide with it. And there’s a qr-code on the box which will help you find the app for it on android market. I can honestly say that I haven’t figured it all out yet, but so far it’s a VERY nice experience. The remote with it is a VERY nice touch, especially when you’re playing via bluetooth.

I really like this “thing” but I don’t really know what to call it. Is it a radio? A bluetooth speaker? A charging station? A sound dock? Whatever to call it. It’s just a great product.

And, if you like me got two phones you can connect it’s charging cable on the usb-port on the back of it. AND! even connect it’s sound via a 3.5mm cable that comes with it, and you can change sound sources on the remote. And the songbird app, perhaps not the greatest but good enough. I just need to figure out just how everything works, It’s a TRUE plaything for any android geek, since you can play internet radio or what ever you want on it. It just became my new radio, me that never listens to radio. The price? Just around $300. Compare that to any fruit phone dock from the same company, it’s actually cheap…

Thank you Philips!