How to turn your phone into a desk clock

Yeah, I know. An actual clock is MUCH cheaper but not as fun or geeky. And it’s REALLY simple.

This requires that a charger is connected to your phone since the display is turned on for a  long time. And it doesn’t even work well with no charger connected. And, I know that it’s a silly “trick” but it’s kinda fun.

Ok, tell us. How do you do it? It’s VERY simple. With the charger connected you start the Clock app on your phone. And, that’s IT. if you want to, you can just leave it like that and it will turn into desktop clock mode after a while or you can just click the right of the two buttons under the actual clock to get to desktop mode quicker. And, the neat thing is that the screen will NOT turn off for at least one hour. It’s a perfect falling to sleep clock I think.