How to turn your phone into a desk clock

Yeah, I know. An actual clock is MUCH cheaper but not as fun or geeky. And it’s REALLY simple.

This requires that a charger is connected to your phone since the display is turned on for a  long time. And it doesn’t even work well with no charger connected. And, I know that it’s a silly “trick” but it’s kinda fun.

Ok, tell us. How do you do it? It’s VERY simple. With the charger connected you start the Clock app on your phone. And, that’s IT. if you want to, you can just leave it like that and it will turn into desktop clock mode after a while or you can just click the right of the two buttons under the actual clock to get to desktop mode quicker. And, the neat thing is that the screen will NOT turn off for at least one hour. It’s a perfect falling to sleep clock I think.

What is S-OFF?

The very technical explanation:

The NAND partition of the phone is unlocked, and then gives you access to flash even radios and hboots. And also to be able to REALLY mess it up.

Does the htc bootloader unlock gives us s-off? No, that unlock “only” unlocks system and recovery and such. It gives you a way to flash a custom recovery which you then can use to flash a custom rom, but you can’t flash custom hboots and such since you don’t have have access to the NAND partition where hboot and such things are. And this is a GOOD thing for most people.

What’s root really?

Sooner or later when dealing with android based phones you WILL come across the word ROOT, which I’ve seen many explanations of the last years.

Edit: I feel like i have to explain a BIT more. The common term “to root” is basically a mix of several things done to your phone. And, to get “root” you often need to add things to your phone that makes it hard for you to get updates and then you have to “unroot”. But, here I will cover the actual thing that’s known by Root. 

But, what is it really? To make it really short and technical:

Root is to describe a phone that got the SU (superUser) package flashed onto it, and with that you got file and folder rights to ALL things. Just like admin rights on a windows-based computer. And with root you can make things better, but you can at the same time make things MUCH worse since root gives you access to system things you really shouldn’t have access to.

Basically, if you don’t know what you’re doing with root on your phone that can make it a very expensive paper weight. I’m not going into just HOW you get root onto a phone now, since that is a rather difficult process that’s different from phone to phone.

I advice that you DO NOT Root your phone unless you are very aware of that you are doing.

Droider just keeps on growing

Had to export old stats from facebook since they’re changing their stats system. And just did a chart of the number of likes on the facebook page, and it’s just mind blowing to say the least. Just fun!

PDF: Droider fb likes