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Writing to a NFC tag with One X+

Using an app from NXP (they make NFC chips), NFC TagWriter by NXP. This app does most of what you need when it comes to NFC. There’s another one called NFC Tasker that works a bit differently, but that will get it’s own post later on.

As always: make sure that NFC is ON before you start. The app itself is pretty simple to use.

Writing to an NFC tag with 8X

Pretty simple really, first you just need to make sure that TAP + SEND is enabled. Once you’ve done that.

Just install NFC Tag Writer and open the app, just select what you want to write to the tag. Just enter the information you want, hold the tag to the phone (ignore any questions about adding things from the tag). The “write TAG” lights up and you just tap it and it’s done.


NFC between different HTC phones

Will limit myself a bit and only cover One X, One X+ and 8X now. Two androids and one wp8. And yes, you can do nfc/beam between such different phones like One X+ and 8X.

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To transfer files to phone from computer with MTP

What is MTP then? it’s simply what’s been used in One S, One X and One X+ that’s running 4.1.1 (jelly bean). Stands for Media Transfer Protocol and is developed by Microsoft, and as you would guess it works very well on more recent versions of Windows. But, you need an additional download on Windows XP to get it to work. Forget it on xp. And on mac? Sure, you can get it to work if you download the file needed for it.

Edit: MTP is also used in the new HTC One.

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