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Site being worked on

Doing some “repair” etc to the site tonight. While most/all things should work just fine, it might look a little bit different for a while.

Edit: it works just fine, the changes are there, not that they’re many or very visible.

Edit2: managed to miss to edit path to logotype, but that’s changed as well. One of few things that doesn’t auto adapt since I rarely change folder name of a theme, but I did this time. But, it’s now fixed.

Droider been sick

Just normal summer sick for me, cold and stuff. Brain works badly. And inspiration have gone out the window plus some changes in my personal life that really didn’t help much.

But, I will try to get back to write at least some new guides shortly.


New version of DREU coming

Basically there was/is a few self-inflicted pesky little page bugs that appears when below a certain page width that I just had to fix (long overdue) .  And, while getting those fixed (hopefully I found them all and didn’t bring too many new issues). I thought “why not do a new colour theme while I’m at it?”. That is pretty much what’s happening now. I’ve shown a little “peak” in my HTC Fans by Droider group (please join me there if you want).

I hope to have the new version up and running either today or tomorrow, assuming that I don’t find more of my “ooopses”.