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How to change default mail app in Sense People

The secret is that you need to Clear Defaults for the standard email app if you want to change to example K9 mail. Easy to do. Of course, if you have set the standard app to Gmail then you need to clear the defaults for that app instead.

Apptips: Any.DO

A very nice little app for for tasks, and it looks VERY nice too. You got 2 different themes in it, one black and one white. And the ability to sync it with Google Tasks just makes it perfect, it’s always very easy to move around things you need to do to other days. Continue reading Apptips: Any.DO

App: Carrier IQ Detector

A thing that’s not really needed since we for the most part don’t use CIQ in Europe, and that CIQ isn’t perhaps the “spyware” that people think it is either. But, do know that some people are worried even though there isn’t much to worry about really.

App of the day: AirDroid

This nifty little app was just spot on for me, it’s perhaps not a 100% perfect yet. But, it’s close to it. It just need to become a little more stable.

So, what is it? It’s basically an app that lets you connect to your phone via any browser, as long as you connected to wifi on the same network.

It’s pretty easy to get up and running, for me it took like 1 min. Just very easy. You can send texts and such from your computer this via, it sends via the phone. Just a VERY cleaver little thing. ME LIKE!