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Factory Reset – Why do we do it?

People say to me “Why do a factory reset? It won’t solve a hardware issue” – and they’re exactly right! However they’re missing the point – that is WHY we do it.

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What does mAh really mean?

This article draws an analogy between electricity flow and water flow; the analogy holds up quite well, as far as I’ve taken it… but take it any further and it starts to fall apart. It is not intended to be a description of how electricity actually works; it’s simply an analogy which helps convey some of the ideas involved.

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That London

Good morning world! A two hour train journey from Nottinghamshire to That London… Not too early; arrived at London St Pancras at 1pm on Tuesday. The occasion was the unveiling of HTC’s new phone; I was one of the very privileged few non-journalists to have been invited to this event.

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HTC Windows Phone 8X – Some things I didn’t like!

OK so we’ve seen the all-round review; we’ve seen the steps needed to make it work properly on a Mac… but what about the LESS than positive things? The things that will irritate you or make you miss another phone? Don’t get me wrong I love this phone – especially as a work phone. But there are ALWAYS things you would like to see done better. Here are the ones I’ve found.

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