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Windows Phone 8 and Macs.

I’m forever going to be a Mac, never a PC. But today I discovered that being a Mac gives you unneeded issues when it comes to connecting a Windows Phone to the iOS software. I spent literally hours today trying to figure out how to sync my new 8X to my Mac, just so I could put some new music on my phone. It was a long haul, but I finally got there! So, instead of just “buying a real computer”, (thanks Craig! ;)), I figured I should share my new found knowledge with you guys so it helps anyone else out with a Mac that may encounter the same issues I had!

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Goth Barbie’s first attempt at Windows Phone 8/HTC 8X.

So yesterday I received my new HTC 8X after UPS kindly trekked it around the UK. First impressions? The phone itself is beautiful. A lovely thin, sleek design with a stunning display and a pretty funky little layout. The battery has lasted me pretty good also. I was impressed. It took me a little while to figure the whole Windows Phone OS out. Big learning curve for someone so used to Android/Sense.

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