How to wipe cache partition on One M8 running Marshmallow

The process have been slightly changed from Lollipop, so I’m doing a new version of the guide.

At times this is very needed, esp around updates etc. Esp when you’ve done a factory reset and you still have problems. Seems to be esp useful around battery problems.

This is confirmed to work with One M9

With a later software version on that phone, it’s the same procedure as presented here.

So, what is a ‘cache partition’?

Temporary storage of system data. It allows the system to access apps more quickly and effectively. Sometimes needs to be cleaned due to being outdated and cluttered. Which in turns makes the system to run more smoothly.

Yes, this is SAFE. You will not lose a single piece of personal content. You will not mess up your phone. It’s very safe and almost mandatory.

Get into bootloader

  1. Power off phone
  2. Press and hold Vol down , press power button until you seebootloader (3 happy androids on skateboards at bottom of page). Release vol down.

Open Recovery

  1. Select Recovery by using vol down, press Power to select.
  2. Wait. This takes a while.
  3. You will now see a screen with a picture of a phone with a red exclamation mark on it. Press in power button, keep it pressed, and press volume up button shortly (do not keep it pressed). Release power button.
  4. You will now see a menu with yellow text on-top of it.
  5. Select Wipe Cache partition with vol down. Press Power to select. Now it wipes the cache partition. Done!
  6. It should now have marked Reboot system now. Press Power to select. Phone will now reboot to normal mode.
  • Craigy O’Cal.. (O’C)

    I have nearly 6gb in storage *system cache* however when I try to delete through settings! It doesn’t allow access to the 6gb, I have tried doing it both phone settings and through bootloader! But the storage still saying just under half my memo being taken by system cache what I can’t delete! Any help or advice appreciated!! As stated already done phone settings delete! & bootloader way too with no success!

    • 6GB system cache? that sounds almost too incredible. That is btw often the size of android + sense. So, you got 12GB used? or is “other” 6GB?

      • Corndog

        I have a HTC one M8S and i just checked the phone storage.

        It says that i am currently using 12.70GB of 16GB, of which 6.68GB is ‘system’. Is that normal?

        I don’t have many apps on my phone, and all my pictures are stored on an SD card. Strangely though, these are showing under phone storage. Checked it and it is showing folders that have been on my SD card for years, all definitely on the SD card, so why are they showing under phone memory?

        • That sounds about right. Give or take a bit. Each phone can be a little different. I have the regular M8 that’s a little different from the M8s. But, the system size sounds about “Normal”. A phone that’s used sometimes shows a little more compared to a phone thats just been cleaned as well.

  • ShafeeqaMS

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Read a bunch of other posts and all of them had the wrong instruction! This one did it!! :DD

    • Thanks! yeah, the Marshmallow update brought a new way of doing it. Which is almost the 4.4.x way, just switches up the buttons a bit. I didn’t find it myself, so I just tried all and any possible ways and found this.

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  • Steven Fairlie

    brilliant, thanks!

    I tried to wipe the partition a few weeks ago and when I got the black screen with the warning triangle I thought I had bricked my phone!
    Luckily it reboots itself after a period.
    Great advice on getting to the bootloader screen. Thanks again!

    • yeah, they changed the method a bit in the 6.0 update. Now it’s similar to how it was in 4.4.x on it, now ages ago.

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  • Jack Horner

    “It’s very safe and almost mandatory.”

    Safe, yes. Mandatory, bullshit.

    • I’ve seen many m8’s that didn’t behave well on Marshmallow until you did wipe the cache partition. So, that’s why “almost mandatory”. It’s simply a way to make sure that battery life doesn’t suck too much. So. Yes. ALMOST mandatory. There’s a difference there you know…

    • Oh My GOD, I never knew I should do this! My M8 was lagging bad enough to annoy both my fiance and myself lately, but after wiping, holly SHIT is it super fast all over again, I mean there’s no comparison! it’s FLYING again, the first few seconds once we turn on the screen (we both have M8’s) used to be so laggy just half an hr ago! lol I’m so grateful!!!

  • WOOOWWW! My Fiance and I both have M8’s and are LOVING THEM! We had them for over a year, and they’ve gotten so slow, but only randomly, just as you turn on the screen and about to use it, meaning lagging during the most important first seconds. I was getting sad hearing him say he needs a new phone, lol, cuz HTC has never bene known for lag, in my experience, and my fiance comes from iPhones. I’ve wiped my temp partition, I thought that would wipe a lot more than I wanted to, so I’ve never done it before, on any Android. After being convinced its safe, I did it just now, and OH MY GGGODDDDDD THIS PHONE IS A BEAST ALL OVER AGAIIN!!!! My Fiance is gonna be so blow away, lol! I KNEW it, that it was some sort of cache issue!!!! I AM SOOO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR HELP! RESPECTS AND BEST BEST BEST REGARDS!!!! THANK YOUUU!!! The M8 is, once again, skipping thru apps so effortlessly, so quickly!! WWOWWWW!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    • Yeah, it’s a useful little trick. Not the first that I’ve seen that result from just doing that. Or at least a result of some sort, perhaps not that drastic of a change. Yeah, the m8 is a nice little phone. Got on myself. I still love it.

      • Yeah M8 still has the best, most advanced set of speakers on any phone to date. M9 is not even that loud and bassy! Typing on it now, the performance gain for me was so dramatic lol, yes! Both of our M8’s!

        • yeah, since it’s now a bit old you can find cases and stuff at times for bargain prices. Mine is still just fine..

          • Hehe truth is, I never liked or wore cases, ever since I had my first High Tech Computer, the HTC P4350, Herald, 10 years ago! I still don’t, my M8 flies out of my lap on pavement when I exit car on almost daily basis lol, it’s got some scratches, and Ghost Armour protector on front prevents smashes completely! It’s the most durable, highest quality shit you can slap on a phone! And they keep improving it!

          • I think that I like the case on my m8 mostly since it’s on/off screen with it, and for like 9 months of the year here it’s not warm. Cold metal isn’t the nicest thing to hold..

  • Margit Peach Overgaard Garay

    I just did this and now my phone wont work… sits on the verizon screen for about 3 min then trys to goto home screen but cant load it. So I cant get to any of my apps. Just keep getting pop up that says unfortunately sense home has stopped

    • That sounds like it needs a factory reset as well

  • Dully

    hellow. I have htc desire eye and is stuck on boot loop, it has boot loader unlocked s-on and it is rooted, I tried to install a custom rom but got caught in a boot loop, I can access the bootloader but every time I go into the recovery mode it goes back into boot loop…any one got a solution

    • That is a semi-bricked phone I guess, when you embark on such a mission, you need to know just what to do when a custom rom for some reason fail. Since that is pretty much what’s going on. Not my expertise at all anymore (used to be like 5 yrs ago). Look at xda and such places, as it looks like something isn’t flashed to it the correct way

  • hasdfoonaasdfasdf

    Hey, I have pretty much the same problem as the guy in the question so I tried your instruction, didn’t work unfortunately
    also the factory resetting doesn’t work at all (it seems like it did some job but when my phone’s battery goes down to 20-30% it just automatically turns off by itself and the same error problem occurs)
    is there anything else I can do to fix the problem? I even paid 30 pounds for this ‘we fix phones’ guys in my town and same problem again after a week. :/

    • That can easy be a faulty something, and if someone already opened the phone, it can be too late for proper fixes. Just WHAT didn’t work?

  • Badelhas

    What is the difference between this process and going to storage and do clean “Cache Data” ?

    • To my understanding it’s different levels of cache, as the cache partition is for the entire system.Trying to find some good information about this, will add comment to this if I find something good

  • zachary

    trying to do this and looking online, but its not working. I get to the step 3 and then i cant get to the android recovery screen.

    • And it’s a the One M8 running marshmallow?

      • zachary


        • Should be to just do the steps there, I’ve done that exakt thing more than once. And, you have to do it in that order or it will never work. Press in power button. Tap vol down . And then release power. Should do the trick

          • zachary

            I’ve done that and nothing. Just stays on the screen with the Red triangle and exclamation point

          • zachary

            So i got it to work, but dont know how I did it. I just spammed power and Vol up and after the 5th or 6th round of it, the recovery menu popped up

  • yzdeaner

    If you are running marshmallow the key to the process is after the small phone with red triangle appears you must first…PRESS AND HOLD the start button. While holding the start button TAP the up button ONCE . Then about 1-2 seconds later RELEASE the start button. Your second screen with the option to wipe cache will then appear. Again this is for marshmallow users. The videos on you-tube with other directions will not work.

    • So, basically the same as I wrote in the article? but, with calling the power button for “start button”. And, you don’t have to wait 1-2 seconds in the 3rd step after you’ve tapped volume up button.

      • yzdeaner

        Yup. I only posted to reinforce this key part of the process since many people fail to follow directions exactly. Thanks

  • Becky

    I have an HTC One M8 and I was having this issue after a recent Sprint update. I made it through the clear and simple (thank you) instructions, but when I select the Reboot System Now, it just loops back to the white recovery screen :/