Using ‘Trusted voice’ on HTC One M8 with Lollipop

This is the new thing for Smart Lock in Lollipop.

As always. Regular EU One M8. With 5.0.1 and everything (play store services) updated to the latest versions. I think that this is a more gimmicky than the other Smart Locks, but we all like different things.

First you need to make sure that Smart lock is active

  1. Enable a lock screen (pin/pattern/password) under SettingsSecurity > Lock screen
  2. If there is no Smart Lock even with the correct lock screen set, you need to follow THIS

Yes, I have done that. But, Trusted voice is greyed out!

If you don’t have English (US) as a primary “voice input language”, this will never ever work. Currently it’s only fully supported by  English (US).

So, go to Settings > Language & keyboard > Voice input. Where for me Enhanced Google services is selected. Tap that.  Under Languages you find English (US) where you tap and hold that language. This will set it as primary voice input language. You can have various combos of languages but English (US) need to be Primary language or this will not work.

And, that is pretty much it.  To unlock you simply use “ok google”. Which may or may not work. Have fun!

  • Nahuel Méndez Diodati

    Kind of unfair that only American English is supported… Not even British English?

    • well, it’s made by an american company for the american market. So, yes: English (US) will always come first since they develop on that. That’s not really rocket science now is it? And, they can’t do it with ALL languages since it would take FOREVER….

      • Nahuel Méndez Diodati

        I know, I know. I’m not asking for Inuktitut language though. It’s still just English.

        Besides it’s not only made for the USA market. Their phones are sold worldwide. And again, it’s not like I’m asking for support for an Austronesian language.

        The problem is that most foreign people learn British English, not American. I tried having it in American English but it wouldn’t understand a single sentence. I had to switch back to BrE and lose that feature.

        Anyway, unlocking it with your voice isn’t that big of a feature, so it’s not the end of the world.