How to select ‘Grid view’ for Recent apps on HTC One M7 with Lollipop

Simply how you change from the lollipop card view, to the better HTC Grid view (at least what I prefer).

So, how do I change to grid view? tell me! and tell me now!

it’s pretty easy, just tap Recent apps button to get to the Recent apps page. Then on the upper right-hand corner you will find a 3 dot menu* > Settings > Layout, where you select Grid view. And that’s it!

* if you don’t see that at ALL: you need to sort it out, and you’ve got a solution for that HERE.

  • Will Chaloner

    So easy when you know how! Thank you!

  • Mostafa

    How I can close all in card view?

    • you can’t. As simple as that

      • mostafa

        thought you can help as in samsung s6 there is small icon down the cards through which you can close all ,, till htc fix that I will keep the gird view!

        • that’s Samsung Card view and not how it is in Lollipop. There is no such thing on my Nexus 7 2013 wifi. It might be such a thing on One M9, but haven’t had my hands on that phone yet

  • Oliver Ivins

    I thought they’d taken this away permanently… thanks!