Having issues with your HTC One M7 after the Lollipop update?

For most it seems to work just fine, and for some less fine.

This isn’t because the update is “bad” or whatever you want to call it, it’s simply a part of the update process. Each phone is a little different, sometimes you get very strange results.

No, I didn’t write this because that update is bad. I wrote this since there will ALWAYS be someone having issues with updates. It’s how updates works.

This is well-known tested methods to sort out the “kinks” as much as possible.

I recommend to start off with wiping the cache partition, since that on its own will sort out various little things.

Having issues with Facebook or just generic non-specific issues?

Start by resetting facebook or facebook messenger, by simply going to Settings > Apps > All > [app] > Force stop and Clear data. And log in again.

If that doesn’t do much. Then try the next thing:

Go to under Settings > Developer options. where you find Use Nuplayer (experimental) and disable that (untick).  And restart phone after.

You have no Developer options under Settings? Follow THIS

Battery and Charger Reset Procedure

This recalibrates battery, if battery is slow to charge or just behaves strangely. Start with a phone that got roughly 10% battery left. This will make your hands hurt.

This I don’t see as needed unless you are having SERIOUS battery problems.

  1. Charge with a HTC charger for at least two minutes, up to 10 minutes.
  2. While still on charger, hold and press vol up + vol up + power. Press all at once and keep pressed.
  3. Phone will do a 15 second power on/off cycle.
  4. After doing this for two minutes, release all buttons when phone is ON.
  5. Fully charge phone.

Factory reset

Simply follow the instructions HERE. It will of course take a while to setup your phone again, but it’s so worth it.

Wipe Cache Partition

Simply follow the instructions HERE. This step will not remove any personal content on your phone, it will merely make sure that the environment on your phone is as nice and clean as possible.

Now you phone should run better

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  • Zygimantas

    This horiffic update completely mest up my m7. Its lagging,programs like gmail constantly crashing. Discovery news wont open at all ,just crashes instantly. Most of the time when someone is calling me it wont show the name and answer-drop buttons,just blank. Freezes from time to time. And why the F would you take out back button on music player when you have it minimised?! The one that you have when you dont unlock the screen,but still can press forward stop music…I hate this F lolishit update like nothing else. I want old version back.

    • that’s a problem with your phone, more than it’s a Lollipop issue. What you described is: a seriously messed up phone. FACTORY RESET. I do not have those issues with my m7 running that update. Not a thing lags nor crashes on it. And: READ this article please. And do as it says….

      • Zygimantas

        Before the update, my phone was working just fine. All this mess started the day I updated. In a few forums I saw that I’m not the only one with this kind of problems. I even read that htc might roll back old version on m7. Dont know if that 100% truth,but I really hope it is. As for factory reset,some people said it did not work any wonders. Some said to use safe mode (dont know exactly what that is…),it should temporarely make it better somehow. Im so mad that they had to update. Why to update something that is working great?

      • Zygimantas

        And olso,I did whipe partition thing. Nothing better…

        • Torbjörn Jonsson

          you did the factory reset as well? that sorts out most update “issues”

          • Zygimantas

            No,I have not. I’ve read that someone did and it did nothing good. So because of that I don’t want to try , just another problem of getting everything back the way it was (games,music,apps and stuff).

          • That is NOT correct. A factory reset is even recommended around this. I’ve seen it help MANY phones. It’s a KNOWN “cure”. The issues you’re having is most likely due to what you have installed. A clean One M7 with lollipop does NOT behave that way.

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  • Rguzman

    Is it safe to do a factory reset? I’m worried that I will loose all my pictures, contacts, etc. I’m trying to back up the phone, but it’s so messed up after the update to Lollipop that it won’t let me do it. Please help. Thanks!

    • dddddddd

      Dont FDR, Wipe Cache Partition

  • Marius Amatasoaei

    i had my phone for one and a half year.not one single restart ..After i updated to lollipop yesterday,it freezed and restarted 3 times full now..anyone know what s the problem with this update?

  • Joe

    I think my phone is getting more laggy after the lollipop update. Phone’s battery percentage does not change (Ex. Phone unplugged at 10, played w ith it, remains 99% after 4 hours.) Do you guys experience this?

    • No, but my M7 was nice and clean when I updated it. If it behaves that way: Factory reset is the first you do since you have apps/etc that conflicts against the update. It’s more a phone issue than a update issue

    • Mia

      Experienced this too. Now my batterylife is really in bad shape.

  • Ian Ward

    Clicked on the update. Phone locked up. Unable to even factory reset. Sent for repair to HTC they returned – repair refused as out of warranty.

  • Kcebal

    mine was not able to successfully restart. it keeps restarting over and over. The farthest it goes is to the htc one tm and then it restarts all over again. I do not know what to do. Help please!!!

    • Torbjörn Jonsson

      contact HTC support

  • Manank

    My phone continues to vibrate at regular intervals when a notification comes and doesn’t stop until I discard the notification. It is pathetic .

    • That sounds like “notification reminder” have been turned on. Settings > accessibility > notification reminder

  • Amanda Prinsloo

    Got the new update and now my home sense doesn’t work right, I’ve had to reset it twice, my power button and volume buttons don’t respond and a freaking rainbow covers my screen every two seconds. I don’t know what they did with the new update but change it back! And no I did not at any point in time drop or damage my phone.

  • Asim Siddiq

    When I put my HTC One M7 on charge the battery percentage stuck after few minutes and even after an hour or two it stays the same until I restart my phone and put it back on the charge, sometimes I have to repeat the process few times. Any solutions? is my phone’s battery is finished? HELP.

  • lizcain

    Thank you so much!!! My phone was driving me crazy. The messaging was lagging so badly and the touchscreen wasn’t responsive. I wiped the cache partition and it is running smoothly again. Thank you very much!!!

  • Jan

    Bruh. Why i can’t access my play store using my data usage but when i using wifi i can access my play store. Pls someone help me

    • Stephanie Young

      Right wtf

    • messed up phone. Factory reset etc. Or the data service etc is messed up. Very unrelated to this article, but the fixes might be the same.

  • Stephanie Young

    How do I go back to the old version, nothing works on my phone all of a sudden!!! Spotify stops I can’t use quick links or control anything dude I just want my old version back….

    • you don’t do that. From you’re saying: that is a very MESSED up phone. I’ve used my One M7 with spotify etc without a SINGLE problem (with the Lollipop update). It just WORKS. Or, it’s a at&t etc version of it that MIGHT be different from the EU version I got. And, since you commented on this article: did you try what’s listed here since that sorts out 9.9 of 10 phones having issues after update. Often because of what you installed to it before. So, try that first.

  • Jason Juanito Khan

    How do I make a home made pizza?

  • Rameel Kazmi

    HTC One m7 Verizon updates available in pakistan?