Updated: How to know where your HTC phone was made

The easiest way is of course to just look on the box. But, this is when you don’t got the box.

You got two options of origin: either Taiwan or China. And they’re both just as good, I haven’t found any differences myself and I’ve used phones made in both countries.

Easy way with just your eyes

Check S/N (serial number) under Settings > About > Phone identity. Or on the box.

First two letters of S/N

HT = Hsinchu, Taiwan
FA = Taiwan
SH = Shanghai, China
SZ = Shenzhen, China
CH = Wuhan, China

This at least the information that I’ve currently got. If there’s more information. Please Let Me Know.

With phones made in 2014 and on (this checks out on my One M8)

Taiwan, 2014, May (5), 13 (D)

With the following structure


FF = Factory, look at list above
Y = Year (4 = 2014)
M = Month (hex 1…C = 1 – 12 months)
D = Day (hex 1…9A..Z = 1 – 31 days)

yy = Part Code
zzzzz : Identification Number (decimal)

Month should be in decimal form, but can be in hex form.

Days will go from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, S, T, V, W, X, Y, Z. Day Z represents day 31.

Using a site

There’s IMEI info sites which will tell you where/when the phone was made. THIS site gave very accurate information on my phone at least. That page checks warranty and manufacturing date, for more pure IMEI go HERE.

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  • imtiajul


  • Skymax

    hey bro, how i can find my htc phone is Europe version or middle east or USa version that? can find it on seriel number? my htc is HT original

  • Jerald Sabu M

    Wow, that was really helpful !

  • Bhang Bhosadda

    Thanks SO MUCH for this. I avoid china manufactured crap quality products everywhere possible. Picking on one of these phones soon, good thing I found this page.
    China is a disgusting country, where the word “quality” is completely UNDEFINED.
    I would gladly pay more for the “same” device, just off the fact that it wasn’t Chinese manufactured.

    • That type of thinking is a bit wrong. A HTC made in mainland China is no different then the one made in Taiwan. Yes, there is cheap China made knockoffs as well. As you have cheap India made ones that are worse. You are aware that pretty much all iPhones are made in China? That a lot of the components comes from there? Being made in China is NOT a sign that it’s bad. Could be, but that’s a bit racist and slightly off when it comes to pure facts. So, to pay more for it not being made in China is utter waste of money and lack of knowledge

      • Bhang Bhosadda

        Hardly. Kind of ironic I bought a few of these for family awhile back(I lost mine, so needed another), the ones that came back to me with random intermittent issues were all China made. And yes, I understand a majority of these things are made in China; ask someone whose been around for awhile, when America was still heavy in manufacturing–products made in USA were sturdy and solid. Can you really say nowadays electronics have the same longevity/lifetime or reliability as back then?
        Out of the 5 devices we bought from eBay, the two that screwed up within first 6 months were both made in China. Not only that, there is a VISIBLE difference of colors onscreen. Chinese people take our jobs, produce dung quality hardware, and then sell it back to us. The price for reliability is worth it, perhaps not to you–have fun playing the replacement game

        • You have a twisted way of looking at things. So, you’re saying lenovo doesn’t know what they’re doing? USA haven’t had the capability of producing such things for many years. At least not in the scale it’s done today. I don’t for second believe that foxconn needed Jobs to manage it. Or quanta. Or any of the other companies that make things for Apple. I don’t for a second believe that all phones from China are bad. Or that all Chinese people are bad. That’s a very racist way of looking at it. Don’t be that here.

      • Bhang Bhosadda

        As for your iPhone reference, Jobs had a lot of requirements, part of the agreements were carriers were not allowed to preload crapware on the devices, like carriers do on ALL other smartphones. So yes, with strict enforcement of quality standards set by Apple, obviously china must adhere. But that was Jobs, the iPhone was his baby, Theres so so many vendors selling Android devices, bit unrealistic for them to oversee everything happening. However, without any external oversight from Apple, or whoever, Chinese vendors are free to cut whatever corners they like, free to use cheap quality components without penalties.

  • Malinda Rukshan

    I want to my htc desire 820s 4n detils

  • Ingya Austine

    how can i flash my htc phone imei 353833045868681