HTC One M7 updated to 6.09.401.11

This  is a on Swedish regular One M7 I should say.

What HTC says about it

This update contains important enhancements and bug fixes related to improving phone call experience.

That’s pretty much what I know about it for the moment. Will post if I discover anything else in it.


  • Rizzo

    Had the problem with my M7 for about a week where I couldn’t hear the person I called and they couldn’t hear me. Was about to send it for repair (the problem still occurred after swapping the SIM) but I got this update today and the problem is gone.

    • London

      Good the hear the update solved the problem.

  • Jimmy Three

    I have also had a problem for a couple of weeks where both the in-call microphone and speaker completely failed (despite both working outside of a call). HTC said they had no reported problems and wanted me to factory reset. I decided to hang on. Hopefully this sorts it..

  • Flugeltje

    I’m experiencing similar issues since yesterday, but i did’t install the update…so this is very strange…when i make a phone call, the receiver can’t hear me and i can’t hear them. Also noticed that if i look on the screen when this happens, my phone lost connection and shows the connection bars at the top with a red cross in it. When i reboot my phone its back to normal untill i try to call. Does anyone experiencing similar issues?

  • London

    Hi All,

    Im on 4.4.3 and 6.09.401.10

    These steps worked for me:

    1. go to Settings
    2. Apps
    3. swipe to All
    4. tap Google Services Framework
    5. tap Clear Data and then OK
    6. tap Force Stop and then OK
    7. Restart device

    and you should be able to make calls again…until the next time that is.

    I’ve just recieved the 6.09.401.11 update, hopefully this cures the problem. I’ll keep you posted.

  • MaGrandMereChinoise

    Hi there,
    I got the same problem with calls. The problem is due to the last update of HTC Power to Give. If you unistall it evrything comes back alright again.

    • I doubt that it’s power to give that’s causing it, since most EU M7’s with the latest updates just do not have it. With power to give or not installed. It’s apparently a “2 component problem”, where google play services is part of the problem. But, the .11 update fixed it apparently

      • MaGrandMereChinoise

        It’s true the .11 update fixed.
        But I’m sure about the problem with Power2Give under .10 update. It made the phone routine to hang. I’ve tested several times installing and uninstalling and the problem was sytematically reproduced with Power2Give last update.

        • I never experienced any of those issues myself, but perhaps since I didn’t have that version of “power to give” on .10. But, most one m7’s I’ve checked just didn’t have this issue as well. And, the google play services connection is rather known. This is the first time I’ve ever heard about “power to give” being any part of it. Google updates and disturbing phone calls on One M7: it wouldn’t be the first time, since there was a bug that put it to speaker phone directly that was caused by a Chrome update