No lockscreen widgets at all in Android Lollipop

This might ruffle the feathers for some people.

But, being the designed the way it is with notifications on the lockscreen I think that Google didn’t want to confuse people with more things on it.

This on a Nexus 7 2013, since we don’t know how it will look on a HTC/etc.

To be honest (and this is what I think):  you will not miss lockscreen widgets there since music player etc gets shown on the lockscreen. With google music you see album art etc on the lockscreen still, which is still pretty cool. Sure, if you’re an avid “widget on lock screen user”: this might ruffle your feathers, as I said. But: we all like different. Some will hate this, some will not even notice it’s gone.

So, you will get the info you need to the lockscreen but with little/no control and no extra widgets that you can add. Not sure if there’s any app that gets around this,  Let Me Know if there’s such a thing.


  • Florian

    actually i just randomly disovered that you can expand the music notification on the lockscreen by scrolling it down and access more music controls

    • Geddy Bowie

      How??? widget music in lock screen ??help me please!!!!!!! my phone xperia z1

      • Florian

        it’s a native function on lollipop.
        i know sony is releasing the lollipop udpate this days but i don’t know if the z1 will get it, you should check sony’s annoucements regarding that.
        otherwise you can look up on the playstore, there’s alternative apps that will bring notifications to your lockscreen

        • Geddy Bowie


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  • DryBritches

    I’m sorry, but are you suggesting that the only reason for lock screen widgets is to control your music with Play Music?

    I’m listening to Pandora now, and can’t control it from the lock screen. This is a big deal. I shouldn’t have to unlock my phone to skip a song.

    And there are plenty of other widgets people like to use on the lock screen, including the calendar, and Google Now.

    I’m really disappointed in the loss of this functionality…

    • Nah, I agree with that but it seems to be a thing for Pandora to make sure that their app is compatible with Lollipop. Look at the screenshot in this post: it shows music controls for google music, so it’s possible. I think that Google wanted to scale down Android a bit, to have less. But, you have to ask Google why they killed off lock screen widgets

    • Matt

      Same here with my Sirus/XM app. I have to unlock and go to the app to pause instead of just tapping once. Fun while driving.

  • Jeremy

    Are you seriously claiming that being able to view album art is far more useful than a widget to those that actually used them? I used the Keep widget for note taking and organization at work. But oh yeah….viewing album art is FAR MORE useful than that.

    • I am not claiming anything. I am just saying my view on it. But, I don’t claim ANYTHING. Yes, I know: some will not like it. I,don’t say (using jedi mind tricks): “you will not miss lock screen widgets”. I say “my opinion is.”, and I changed the text so it reflect that better

  • James

    This the most disappointing update yet. Google is making it very clear that they are catering more to the “average idiot” and don’t care anymore about their loyal users that actually know how to operate the devices.

    • Emerica Hitsugaya

      You are the idiot, if they make money only on people who know how to operate the device they wouldn’t be here at this point. Simple is better from a commercial point of view. People like simplicity and that is why Apple is alive today, I use both android and iOS and I know how to root and jailbreak and I agree with you android has much more potential when you know how to use it but don’t call people stupid cause they are just not interested in knowing that much about their phone, they got other shit to deal with.
      In 10 android users only one knows how to use at its fullest an android phone let allone root and custom rom.

      • Matt

        Settle down moron.

        • Emerica Hitsugaya

          Wow, nothing better to say? It’s a discussion about phones not insults you “moron”.

          • Please behave, I rather not delete the thread

        • Suggest that you tone down a bit. I missed this thread. Which contains bits I don’t like

  • Diego Spíndola

    This article
    shows that, if we set to show “all notifications content”, it’s
    possible to block only specific apps.

  • babyboya187

    I just got the CM Locker that gives you more lock screen widgets !