Notification reminder on HTC One M8 with Eye/4.4.4

This simply repeats notification with the interval you set for it. Nothing more and nothing less.

Just M8 with Eye/4.4.4?

Yes, right now I’ve only seen it in that update. Using a regular UK One M8.

So, what does it do?

It simply repeats notification(s) until you see/read it. You can’t control how it notifies you since that you set with the app that does the notification itself.

Works pretty well when I tested it, just a simple little function.

What intervals can you set for it?

Right now there is:

  • 10 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 1 minute
  • 3 minutes
  • 5 minutes

So, if you set it for 30 seconds it will simply repeat the notification every 30 seconds. Until you see it.

Ok, where do I find this?

This is hidden a bit under Settings > Accessibility > Notification reminder, where you’ve got Remind me every with the interval choices mentioned before.

  • snf

    Thanks for this. It turned itself on when I upgraded to lollipop and I could not find it, it was driving me crazy, especially at work.

  • M7 User

    Any way to change the tone it uses?

  • M7 User

    This setting is hidden well, I’ve been trying to turn off repeat notifications for weeks. This could be a useful feature if you could control what notifications are repeated (e.g. Just SMS) and the settings were easier to find. There also seems to be some issues switching off the vibration alerts, I set my phone to silent and turned off all audio and vibration alerts notification types but my phone was buzzing once a minute after receiving a calendar or facebook notification.

  • Rimsha

    Thank you, I turned it on forgot where to find it. and it kept me annoying with its reminders.

  • MissyFaye

    Jesus thank you SOOOOO much for the reminder where this annoying setting was. I’ve been trying to find it for about a month now & it’s been literally driving me nuts as I cannot walk away from my phone without checking every 15 freaking seconds. Whewww, much better now 🙂 😀