HTC One M7 getting update 6.09.401.10 in Europe

First: it’s not Eye/4.4.4. Possibly setting up the phone for that update. But, looks like mostly patches.

What HTC says about it

System enhancements

  • Streaming service update
  • Data Roaming settings update
  • Backup / Restore improvement
  • Browser update

Droider findings

Haven’t really found anything that I see as “new” in it, like a new setting and so. But, my phone seems pretty fast and stable but it was that before as well. Didn’t notice anything bad with it.

  • Ray Murphy

    Just got it, UK šŸ™‚

  • Matt

    Since this update I can neither make nor receive calls, the phone app just doesn’t respond and prompts me to send an error report to HTC. Google now also doesn’t work. Everything was fine before the update.

    • I assume you’ve done the regular things around updates?

    • Jamie

      Try putting it in safe mode and back out again? Seemed to fix it for me momentarily, but when I rebooted it again it wasn’t working again.

      • ok, if safe mode fixes it: it’s most likely due to apps installed. Since safe mode just restarts without any 3rd party stuff loaded, and when you reboot into “normal mode” all that 3rd party stuff loads

  • Jamie

    My Wife and I are having the same issues as Matt. Do not install this update!