Transferring files from Windows 8 to HTC One M8

Saw searches for it, so I thought that I would write a little guide about it. It’s not difficult really.

I will debunk a little “myth” now: you do NOT need HTC Sync Manager for this, although it doesn’t hurt to have the driver part of it installed at times. In this I used a Windows 8.1 computer, but it’s the very same way in Windows 8.

How to do it? You just connect it to computer with usb cable, you don’t have to set anything since it’s the only connection mode. And it can’t be turned off by any setting in the phone, turned on USB debuggning does nothing here. You do get a little popup in the right upper corner in windows 8, but not all the time.


So, where is photos and videos saved?

All such things can be found under the DCIM folder, so if you set it to save on SD card. Just open SD card and find that folder.  That’s pretty much it. Just drag and drop what you want to copy, to where you want to copy it.

So, I want to put music on it. Where should I put it?

The folder Music is a pretty good place to put it, or create a new folder like “my stuff”. Just anything, it doesn’t need to sit in a certain place as the music player in the phone scans for the music.