HTC One M8 models

As in different kinds of it, made for various regions and carriers.

What does it matter? Isn’t all the same?

Simply put: Nope, not even close. As they’re made for different regions/countries/carriers/etc.

I don’t know what model my phone is, where do I find that?

On the lower back of the phone you’ve got in tiny letters where it says Model followed by it’s model string, like 0P6B100.

Or use a fastboot getvar command described HERE to get modelid etc that you need.

fastboot getvar all

Gives you ALL info about the phone.

fastboot getvar modelid

Just gives you modelid, like:

modelid: 0P6B10000

Do notice that the it adds zeros to the end of it, so that would be 0P6B100.

Ok, I found what model it is. Now I just need to know what is it. Help me!

This is what I’ve found so far, tried to find a list of it on xda etc but couldn’t find one so far. So, I’m compiling my own list. That I will edit when I find out more, or find errors.

Edit: the list is more complete now, but it might lack a few MID’s.

MID Variant Region/carrier
0P6B100 m8_ul Europé
0P6B110 m8_ul Australia
0P6B150 m8_ul_tw Taiwan
0P6B120 m8_ul Developer edition [US]
0P6B170 m8_ul Google Play Edition[US]
0P6B120 m8_ul_ca AT&T [US]
0P6B130 m8_ul T-Mobile
0P6B700 m8_whl Sprint [US]
ONEM8HKE? m8_whl Harman Kardon Edition, Sprint [US]
0P6B200 m8_wlv Verizon [US], both Android and WP 8.1
0P6B160 m8_ul_cnd Telus/Rogers [CA]
0P6B600 m8_dug China (China Unicom)
0P6B610 m8_dugl China (China Unicom) ?
0P6B400 m8_dwg China (China Telecom)
0P6B500 m8_tl China (China Mobile)

DTU = TD-SCDMA + WCDMA / GSM dual standby 2SIM slot
DUG = WCDMA / GSM + GSM dual standby 2SIM slot
DWG = CDMA2000/WCDMA/GSM + GSM dual standby 2SIM slot
ULA = WCDMA / GSM / LTE-Advanced FDD?

  • Sneakyghost – you may check that and fill up your list. I took a few bits from you as well.

  • David Gonzalez Peña

    op6b160 model is also for Latin America. m8_ul.

  • Damitha

    Anybody knows the region of phone with MID 0p6b670?

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  • samy aboarab

    my htc m8 (m8y) model OP6B630 i need boot to it plez eny one help me

  • Radadiya Pritesh

    Hey my phone not start to hotspot and not running jio SIM what can I do??
    Mobile is HTC one M8

    • As it’s a phone made for the USA market, don’t assume that will ever work. Get a phone made for your market instead, it’s MUCH better. Hotspot will not work. If it’s a sim locked phone, you will need to look at that at all. But, a Verizon phone is the worst possible choice for you in India. A phone made for Europe or Asia gives you MUCH better usability

      • Radadiya Pritesh

        Please ask what can I do?
        For running lte sim
        And phone also hang .

        • I don’t think that you will ever get an LTE sim running in it. As it’s simply not made for either that sim or region. It’s for the American Verizon carrier. NOT for Indian JIO etc